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The Honeymoon

Laguna Beach & Los Angeles

The first stop on our glorius honeymoon will land us on the sunny southern California coast. Known for their mid-70s temperatures even through November, we plan to spend quite a bit of time on the beach enjoying the sun and the relaxing breeze on our faces.

Day-tripping with a stop in Laguna to pick up Kristen and LC on our way to the San Diego zoo is sure to be a great time and provide ample picture opportunities! Maybe we'll even head to Tijuana for a little excitement running from drug cartels!?


Once we leave San Francisco we will be taking the drive down to Anaheim and we will definitely hit parts of the Pacific Coast Highway. We may in make a stop in Montery to take a gander at the Aquarium! The long drive will end with us visiting the smaller version of the most magical place on Earth.

We'll be spending two days in Disneyland to take in all the sights and enjoy the Disney magic as much as we can. It'll be fun to see all the similarities and differences from the parks we know and love. But, without Epcot to provide us with some more adult fun, we'll probably have to make quite a few visits to the bars of Downtown Disney!

Napa Valley

We will be ending our trip in San Francisco, CA and try to squeeze in a visit to the Stinking Rose. We know it's a tourist destination, but we love garlic so much that it is something that we just can't pass up.

After the quick stop in San Fransisco, we will be enjoying ourselves in the beautiful wine countries of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Delicious wine, delectable food, and no, we won't be drinking any !$%#*& Melot! (Pinot Noir please!)

When we depart wine country we'll be headed south, and we'd love to enjoy the views of the Pacific Coast Highway!

If anyone has suggestions for any portion of our trip, please let us know. We are open to everything!

The Wedding Party

  • Melissa Gelormine
    The Bride
  • Rich Romanski
    The Groom
  • Carly Gelormine
    Maid of Honor, Sister of the Bride
  • David Mason
    Best Man, Friend of the Groom
  • Aimee Giordano
    Bridesmaid, Friend of the Bride
  • Will Jayne
    Groomsman, Friend of the Groom
  • Jen Phillips
    Bridesmaid, Friend of the Bride
  • Tim Lease
    Groomsman, Friend of the Groom
  • Meredith Gonzenbach
    Bridesmaid, Friend of the Bride
  • Pete Plate
    Groomsman, Friend of the Groom
  • Erica Romanski
    Bridesmaid, Friend of the Bride & Sister of the Groom

Wedding Location

We hope you will be able to join us in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL at Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club!

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Honeymoon Destination

We will be heading to California for our Honeymoon! Plenty of wine, beach, and Disney for us!

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Photo Album

We've uploaded some beautiful pictures of the Wedding Party and of our parents. Why don't you check them out!?

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